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FLYING LUWANMAN Ultra-Light Handheld Running Light: Stay Safe and Energized Outdoors

FLYING LUWANMAN Ultra-Light Handheld Running Light: Stay Safe and Energized Outdoors

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LED protable light for jogging, cycling, pets and outdoor use.

**Illuminate Your Path with Flying Luwanman Jogging Light**

*Stay Safe and Energized on Your Runs*

- Three Adjustable Brightness Levels
- Long-lasting Battery: Up to 10 Hours of Continuous Use
- 360-degree Visibility for Enhanced Safety
- Weather-Resistant Design for All-Weather Workouts
- Secure and Comfortable Fit with Adjustable Strap

1. Charge the jogging light using the included USB cable.
2. Attach the light securely to your clothing or gear.
3. Press the power button to cycle through brightness levels:

To operate the light modes and power on/off, use the single button as follows:
- To turn the light on or off, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.
- To switch between light modes, simply press the button once to cycle through the following modes:
- Solid red light
- Blinking red light
- Alternating red and white blinking
- Solid white light
- Blinking white light

4. Enjoy a well-lit path during your jog.
5. After use, recharge the light to keep it ready for your next run.

This single button controls both power and mode selection with a single press for mode cycling.

**Safety Tips:**
- Always be aware of your surroundings while using the jogging light.
- Follow local regulations regarding light usage during nighttime activities.
- Ensure the light is securely fastened to avoid any accidents.
- Keep the light clean and dry for optimal performance.

**Energize Your Runs, Anytime, Anywhere!**
*Light up your jog and conquer your goals with Flying Luwanman's jogging light. Experience the freedom of night runs while staying visible and safe.*

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